How To Create Fairy Portraits and
Increase Your Photography Business

"Now YOU can create stunning fairy portraits like the ones you see below and watch your photography business profits soar like any economy!"


How To Do Fairy Photography

Wednesday, 7:45 am

From: Cindy Bracken, Goodyear, AZ

Dear Fellow Photographers,

Have you avoided going into the fairy portrait genre because you think it would be too difficult to produce portraits like these? Have you turned down clients in search of these highly popular portraits? Have you been watching your competition make huge profits on these portaits and are feeling "left behind?" I used to feel that way, too.

Fairy portraits are so beautiful, so ethereal - that I previously did not have the confidence that I could do them justice. Surely doing these portraits would require extremely high skill and numerous hours in photoshop!

I can't believe how wrong I was! You see, I finally got tired of watching my competition pass me by when it came to this very popular style of photography. I was leaving money on the table! I decided that if they could do it, so could I...and I was right...sort of.

You see, creating QUALITY fairy portraits DOES take skill and a little photoshop know-how. But believe me, once you know the secrets, you will be producing and selling these portraits like magic! I'll show you exactly how to do it, step by step!

Check out the sneak peek video below:


Imagine being able to:

  • CONSISTENTLY produce magical fairy portraits that are stunningly beautiful
  • Create a waiting list of clients who are willing to pay a premium for this highly desirable portraiture
  • Design sets straight out of Hollywood, for a fraction of the price
  • Market your fairy portraits through exciting portrait events
  • Earn more money than you thought possible
  • Build Word of Mouth "Buzz" About Your Business


Sounds simple, but you may be asking :

  • What equipment do I need? (if you are a pro photographer or advanced amateur, you probably already have all the equipment you need...but don't worry, I'll tell you exactly what you need and where to get it)
  • Where can I find props and costumes without spending a fortune? (I'll tell you exactly where to get what you need without breaking the bank...and how to make your own props for a fraction of the cost of store-bought ones)
  • How do I set my camera and lights to create authentic looking fairy portraits? (I'll tell you the exact camera and lighting setups I used and give you concrete examples to follow)
  • Do I have to be a photoshop expert? (Not at all! I'll show you what to do, step by step!)
  • I have no idea how to market these portraits (Don't worry...I'm including all of the marketing materials and ideas you need to get started right away)

"Finally, YOU can create the images you've always dreamed about!"
Introducing FAIRY PO

fairy portrait

I'm Cindy Bracken, professional photographer and mom to two girls. Like many of you, my love of photography really blossomed with the birth of my first child. I longed to take beautiful images of her, and my photography business was a result of that. While I love lifestyle portraiture, I have found that it is really a lot of fun to create these fairy fantasy images as well!

It wasn't always this way. Once upon a time, I just assumed that creating QUALITY fairy portraiture was simply too time-consuming and difficult. I had no idea how to build a set or create the special effects needed to produce a quality fantasy image.

Finally, I decided to give it a try. I practiced as much as possible, and read everything I could about fairy portraiture. Gradually, I improved. And now, I've discovered the secrets to setting up, lighting, post-processing, marketing, and selling these images that clients GO CRAZY FOR!

And I'd like to show YOU how to do it, too!



So let's get you started — the right way — today....

"REVEALED! Simple secrets that get RESULTS..."

1. How to set your camera and lights for optimal results...every time.

2. How to design sets without spending a fortune (secrets of making your own props and costumes, and where to find low-cost items).

3. I will reveal the post processing techniques that will make your fairy portraits really pop!

4. A "Done For You" marketing plan that gets you all the clients you can handle! (Included: sample brochure, sample postcard, and sample images for YOU to use until you have your own! You are free to copy and use the marketing materials as you please - INCLUDING the professional copywriting! No need to reinvent the wheel.)

5. An ALL-ACCESS pass to the private, MEMBERS-ONLY area of the site containing instructional video! (I'll show you, step-by-step, how to easily make dramatic improvements to your images using Photoshop, how to design your sets, how to make your own props, and much more!)


What is it worth to you to :

  • Have the confidence that your fairy portraits will turn out beautifully EVERY TIME

  • Have a step-by-step marketing plan to follow and increase your photo business profits

  • Improve your fairy portrait photography by leaps and bounds

  • Be PROUD of your work

Here is exactly what you will receive when you join the Fairy Portrait Magic site:

Your ONE TIME payment entitles you to a LIFETIME membership in the Fairy Portait Magic site. Here's what is waiting for you in the members-only section:


1. The complete "how-to" video that explains each procedure (from creation to post-processing, to marketing and selling) the fairy portraits, STEP-BY-STEP. (no fluff, no filler...just the info you NEED to get started)

Here is just some of the info:

  • Equipment you will need and where to get it
  • Props you will need and where to find them (or how to make your own)
  • Exact lighting and posing setups including suggested camera settings
  • How to post-process your images with a few simple PhotoShop steps
  • Pricing suggestions and sample price list
  • How to keep everything organized during your portrait event
  • Delivery of portraits
  • Getting your business license if you don't have one already
  • How to market your fairy portraits
  • Additional products you can offer to increase sales
  • How to get media coverage (sample press release included)

2. One PDF file of a "fill in the blank" ready-to-send marketing brochure featuring professional copy writing and my images (If you would rather use your own design and images, you are free to copy or modify all of my text and wording). You can send the PDF off to your printer and print as many brochures as you need!

3. One PDF file of a "fill in the blank" ready-to-send proposal letter (again, you are free to copy or modify the professional copy writing). Simply add your signature and telephone number and these are ready to send out to prospects who will be interested in hosting a portrait event!

4. One PDF file of a direct mail postcard that includes my images and professional copywriting. These are print-ready! If you would rather use your own images, you are free to copy my text and wording.

5. Three digital image files to use as samples, on your marketing pieces, and on your website.

Once we have reached 100 members, the price to join the Fairy Portrait Magic site will be $247.
However, if you join today, you can claim your membership for a one time payment of just $199.95
$99 for the first 100 members only!

Please note, the $99 price will not last long! I am extending this special price for the first 100 people, so don't delay! Starting with the 101st order, the price will go up to $247.


"Yes, I want to join the Fairy Portrait Magic site today at the low price of just $199.95 $99. I understand that this is a ONE TIME payment for a LIFETIME membership to the Fairy Portrait Magic site. Upon successful payment and registration, I will have full access to the "members only" section of the site where all of the info is stored."

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Upon successful registration, you will have full access to all of the
videos and downloads in the members-only section of the site.
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